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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 16.03.2018

  1. Rugby fans, don’t despair! Our latest post in our Six Nation fan snapshot series, with the usual great insights into the tournament highs and lows, is now live on our blog. We hope you’re as excited as we are about this weekend’s upcoming games!
  2. There’s no denying the influence of social media celebrities but, when it comes to having an impact on consumers’ opinions and purchase decisions, friends and family actually hold a greater sway than the Kardashians. So what’s the best method for brands looking to engage with these so called micro or everyday influencers to increase brand awareness? This article explains how big data and creative thinking hold the key.
  3. Sunday is the last day of South by Southwest, one of the most important global events in the film, interactive media, and music industries. Our CEO Jackie Cuyvers has just returned from Austin to London after visiting this year’s edition, which covered everything from the intersection of tech and agriculture to the latest blockchain trends. Click through to Jackie’s Twitter page for photos and updates from her days at the fun-filled festival..
  4. Feminism and data visualisation are two terms not often seen together, but Boston-based tech professor Catherine D’Ignazio wants to change exactly that. In finding that data science is fraught with issues concerning inequality and quantification, with more weight given to areas concerning men, D’Ignazio and her team have examined how to set straight this imbalance. This six-step guide explains how to introduce a feminist perspective on data visualisations.
  5. Fan of the ‘West Cork’ podcast? Then you’re likely to enjoy Snapchat’s latest endeavour. The popular messaging app joined forces with Condé Nast Entertainment in their creation of nonfiction series ‘True Crime/Uncovered’, which explores chilling real-life tales in vertical video format. Premiered earlier this week, the six part series is now available on a phone near you. ?