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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 15.06.2018

  1. Another week, another blog post! This week, our Insights Manager in Vietnam, Loc Dao, explores the hyped collaboration between Vietnamese footwear brand Biti’s and Marvel and what prompted consumers to queue for hours to bag themselves a pair of elusive Avengers sneakers. Click through to learn more about the value of limited editions and the patience of passionate fans.?
  2. It’s been a bad week for freedom of speech in Vietnam. On Tuesday, a cybersecurity law that requires tech companies, including Google and Facebook, to hand over the data of Vietnam-based users to the local authorities was passed. Widely denounced by the country’s netizens, as well as business owners and politicians, the new bill gives the government the right to censor content on social media, thereby stopping citizens from expressing their opinions freely online. This article explores how the measure will impact Vietnam’s business environment and digital economy.
  3. For most of us, the one slightly irritating thing about Alexa’s voice is her occasional mispronunciation of band names or song titles. But, as evident by Amazon’s prestigious competition, there’s another aspect of her speaking skills many users are missing – the ability to intelligently engage in long conversations. The prize for creating a chatbot that can talk like a real human? Apart from the honour, the winner of the Alexa Prize will receive 1.5 million dollars. Unfortunately, it’s too late to sign up for this year’s edition but to learn more about the challenge, click here.
  4. Notice something different about Instagram recently? Us Insta-addicts in the Convosphere team certainly have and we’re still getting to grips with the layout changes and function updates. They may not be revolutionary, but they are the result of the platform’s refreshed algorithm, widely covered in the media last week. Here’s a look at the new technology and how it’s meant to boost the user experience by focusing on three key areas: Interest, Timeliness and Relationships.
  5. FIFA World Cup 2018 has officially kicked off and tensions are running high here at Convosphere. With a small but multinational team spread across the globe, there’s a fair amount of friendly rivalry permeating our offices, further fuelled by our sweepstake. But which country’s football team is attracting the most support on social media? And which rank the lowest when it comes to online followers and fan engagement? It’s all detailed here. ⚽

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