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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | October 2023

Already a month into Q4, many of you will be casting a reflective gaze over this year’s activities and budgetary spending, while at the same time gearing up for an impactful 2024. Here to support, the Convosphere team stands ready to assist with any last-minute projects, ensuring a smooth close to your year. If you’re looking ahead, why not take advantage of our complimentary consultations, crafted to address your queries and goals on optimally utilising social data for business growth? With no strings attached, we can discuss bespoke approaches to supercharge your insights projects for the forthcoming year. Simply drop us an email at or book directly on Calendly.

Amidst all this forward planning, don’t forget to pause and catch up on the latest. We’ve curated an array of recommended reads, event updates and industry news stories in the October edition of our Social Intelligence Digest to keep you in the know. Settle in and enjoy the read. Until next time, we wish you a productive month ahead!

On the Blog: The How and Why of Using Social Media Analysis in Business Decision-Making

Want to run more effective marketing campaigns? Grow your business? Expand into new markets and reach new audiences? In this blog post, we go back to basics by looking at the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of using social media analysis to inform business decisions – and the benefits of having an experienced and knowledgeable team to identify the insights that can truly make a difference to your organisation’s success.


[Watch On Demand] How to Decode the Patient’s Emotional Journey Through Social Listening

Missed our Social Insights Academy webinar on “Decoding the Patient’s Emotional Journey Through Social Listening” last week? Watch it on demand to explore the Q&A excerpts to discover how to interpret the patient’s emotional journey across different markets and therapeutic areas. Learn how to use these insights to bolster your customer engagement strategies.

  • Depth and Breadth: Discover how to extract insights that truly matter, going beyond the capacity of basic social listening tools which, although useful for providing a high-level overview of conversation tone, are unable to grasp the nuance of human conversation.
  • Beyond the Surface: Explore how patient emotional journey analysis delves deeper than traditional journey analysis, revealing the underlying ‘whys’ behind stakeholder conversations, to help you to prioritise and strategise your communication strategies.
  • Empathy in Action: Understand how to unlock a deeper comprehension of the issues behind patients’ emotions, motivations and behaviour to help you answer key business questions.

Have additional questions about decoding and analysing the patient’s emotional journey? Send us an email at and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • Next month, Convosphere will be attending the event, What role can social data play in market research?, hosted by the MRS Data Analytics Council and The SI Lab. This event will spotlight the role of social data analysis in uncovering insights into consumer behaviour and market trends. Our insight specialist, Mariko Suzuki, will join a panel of experts to explore the intricacies of social listening, discuss how social data aligns with, and compares to, other research methods. The panel will also be sharing ideas about best practices for harnessing social insights in market research. Attending? Let’s connect!
  • Looking for insights on what 2024 might bring in consumer trends? We recommend diving into Mintel’s Global Consumer Trends 2024 report. Expertly blending global market data with deep consumer behaviour analysis, this report offers a comprehensive overview of the key drivers and challenges facing consumers, from climate change to AI evolution. With insights spanning the short to long term, it underscores important considerations for brands eager to resonate in our dynamic global market. A great reference source for anyone seeking a forward-thinking perspective on marketing and innovation.

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