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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 16.02.2018

  1. Donald Trump’s surprise presidential win in November 2016 led to a fierce debate about the reliability of polling. On what basis did they predict Clinton’s victory and how did they get it so wrong? We’re excited to present this webinar which examines how social data predicted the outcome where traditional polling failed, and how social listening offers an opportunity to accurately predict future elections.
  2. While there’s no easy fix to the deep-rooted problem of hate speech, artificial intelligence may now present a way of preventing vile messages from spreading online. Take a look at how these companies use natural language processing and image recognition to help in their development of anti-hate bots that tackle the widespread problem of hateful content in social media.
  3. As the semi-vegetarian diet, also known as flexitarianism, has grown in popularity thanks to social media movements and hashtags such as #MeatFreeMonday and #PlantPower, previously niche well-being and veggie brands have now become mainstream. This article explores the way flexitarianism and ‘clean eating’ have become a powerful trend fuelled by consumers’ passion to share their healthy habits and green awareness – and how brands can join in.
  4. Following Facebook’s contested news feed update enrolled last month, it’s now Snapchat’s turn to face the public’s anger. The ‘dramatic redesign’ of the platform has enraged users with 700,000 people signing a petition calling for it to be reversed. What’s caused the fury? Find out here.
  5. Remember having to specify your relationship status when signing up to Facebook all those years ago? While for anyone in a long-term relationship it meant little more than a straightforward click, for many others, choosing ‘It’s complicated’ from the list of options seemed the best fit. In time for Valentine’s Day, Facebook Messenger reintroduced the now abandoned intro field by asking users to select ‘In a relationship’ to get access to the new heart-themed features. Part of the platform’s goal to promote more ‘meaningful interactions’, it begs the question whether users are ready to return to having their new relationships, and breakups, announced on Facebook. ️

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