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Know who to ask: Community is at the heart of a small business

Dell helps foster community through its global women’s entrepreneur network, DWEN (Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network), which our CEO Jackie Cuyvers joined in February. 

Networks, and particularly female business networks, have always been a crucial part of our business and its development, from a handful of staff to a team of 22 now, plus 150 freelance contractors in countries across the world.

“Women are natural connectors, and want to help,” she says. “As we’ve grown, we’ve brought in both official and unofficial mentors. We have an adviser who has run large agencies, because as we’ve grown, we have needed to understand how our competition works. We have others to advise on HR, on finance for a global firm, and now we are in so many countries, we need someone with experience in international organisational behaviour,” says Cuyvers.

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