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Sports Fan Persona & Influencer Network Mapping

Industry: Sports
Market: Switzerland
Methodology: Audience Analysis, Audience Engagement Analysis, Influencer Network Mapping

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  • Brands’ sponsorship decisions are often based on the value of the potential exposure. For our client, the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation’s (SIHF), fierce competition from sports clubs and organisations meant they struggled to acquire new sponsors. In order to improve their chances of winning over their rivals, SIHF needed to better understand the value of their audience and the industries in which to look for brands that could be prospective sponsors.
  • This case study shows how we used a combination of thematic analysis, audience analysis and influencer networking to profile SIHF’s core and potential audiences to develop their fanbase and provide further support to its commercial proposition, sponsor retention and acquisition.
  • Don’t miss our on-demand webinar that guides viewers through each step of the project.

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