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Hollywood’s Next Great Studio Head Will Be a Computer

Film companies are following Netflix by using big data to make big decisions — yet it could cut down on the risk-taking that makes classics. We offer similar services to a range of Hollywood Studios, where we are “increasingly using the audience insights gathered from social data to improve marketing content,” says Jackie Cuyvers, our CEO. “This insights-driven content and creative is able to focus on specific audience segments across online channels. The volume of data available and the speed of analysis to insight is helping this happen faster than ever before.”

Insufficient or poor-quality data can pose a big problem for analysts. Users of platforms like Twitter, for example, are by no means representative of the entire moviegoing population, and the algorithms and rules of these kinds of platforms can also distort the meaningfulness of the results.

Big data is a powerful tool for Hollywood, but it shouldn’t be seen as the be-all and end-all for the future of the movie industry. Since the early days of cinema, technological innovations have helped to enhance films and their modes of production and distribution. In the end however, it has been the creative spirit of the people working “in the movies” that has propelled Hollywood forward. 

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