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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | November 2022

Social Insights Strategy 2023: Free consultation tailored to your business objectives

With the new year fast approaching, you’re probably thinking about solidifying your 2023 strategy. We’re offering all our clients and subscribers a complimentary consultation tailored to your questions around how to best leverage social data for your business needs – in 2023 and beyond. Our experienced consultants will offer guidance on the use of social insights to optimise business areas, including:

  • Social Listening & Audience Segmentation Tool Stack Choice and Optimisation
  • Brand Performance Tracking
  • Competitive Intelligence

…or any other area relevant to your organisation. Book your free time slot here or drop us a line at We look forward to talking to you!

Uncovering Intracultural Audiences & Insights within the Cycling Community

The delivery of culturally sensitive insights is an integral component of glocal digital research. At Convosphere, we tend to treat cultural relevance as the identification of attitudes and behaviour that are influenced by socioeconomic, structural, demographic or linguistic factors, usually found via comparison across languages, cultures and geographies. But what about intracultural relevancy? How do you find nuanced clusters of consumers within broader yet specialised audience groups? Our friends at Audiense invited our CIO, Oliver Lewis, to walk through the methodology we used to identify intracultural clusters in the UK cycling community for a sports brand.

  • In case you missed Social Intelligence Lab’s Dr Jillian Ney and Convosphere’s Jackie Cuyvers discussing the maturation of the social listening industry, and why social listening can’t be limited to social media, the LinkedIn Live is available to watch here. Click through to the Events section for more interviews in the SI Lab’s informational series around The State of Social Listening 2022. Plenty of food for thought!
  • Social media is often blamed for the fast spread of misinformation – but how can online channels help to debunk dangerous myths and rumours? We enjoyed this piece that takes an in-depth look at the Chinese equivalent of Quora, Zhihu. It assesses how scientists on the site would stand a better chance of reaching the public by changing their language and tone of voice, in favour of a more digestible writing style.

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