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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | 31.03.2021

Event: Convosphere joins Social Intelligence Lab’s industry-leading Demo Day

Save the date! On 21-22 April, Convosphere will be joining The Social Intelligence Lab’s Demo Day. The live and fully interactive industry-leading event will take delegates through social intelligence best practices via a range of different formats – including round tables, workshops, speaking sessions and panel debates – to help businesses understand how to get the most value from social data. Spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis (with some early-bird discounts up for grabs), so register now to avoid disappointment! Click here for tickets and info.

Demonstrating the value of ‘always on’ focus group Twitter with real-life use cases

Few brand owners would deny the importance of thorough market intelligence in order to minimise risks when making key business decisions. Yet despite the enormous pool of primary data that social listening can unlock, some companies remain hesitant to look beyond traditional research methods. Earlier this month, we came across this post which, with its real-life use-cases, demonstrates the value of social listening to gain actionable consumer insights. It highlights how some of the most recognisable quick-service food brands turned to ‘the always-on focus group’ Twitter before deciding on their most popularly requested menu additions. At Convosphere, we use a range of the best tools on the market, always complying with data privacy regulation, to help brands reap the rewards of social listening in an ethical and effective way. If you’d like to understand how we could help incorporate social listening and intelligence in your market research strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Blog post: How to use social media analysis within your Brand Tracking toolkit

There are some brands out there that are instantly recognisable. Brands that are popular, enjoy a loyal following and whose logo typically pops into consumers’ minds when they think about a particular market segment – be it automotive, household goods or beauty. These household names have achieved their iconic status through a successful marketing strategy, one which is guaranteed to rely on information gained through Brand Tracking. Our latest blog post examines how to use social media analytics as a part of your Brand Tracking toolkit and why Convosphere’s team of insights analysts is ideally placed to support your brand tracking activities, whether on a global or local level.

Reddit-fuelled market chaos and a new era of Social Listening

It’s rare that a major news story piques the public interest in social listening, but the importance of keeping a close eye on social media platforms is one of many lessons learnt following the media reports of the Reddit-fuelled GameStop rally. The retail-trading phenomenon, which saw US video game chain GameStop’s shares boosted after Reddit group WallStreetBets (WSB) bumped up the stock price of struggling companies, has been used to illustrate the influence of online communities on corporate value creation. Although WSB have been condemned for causing extreme market volatility, a growing number of companies are now scaling up their social listening game as a result of the high profile case. With experts predicting the short-squeeze saga will help pave the wave for a Golden Age of Social Listening, we’ll be here to help companies turn the seemingly overwhelming world of social media buzz to their advantage.

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