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Convosphere | Social Intelligence Digest | 24.06.2021

The bigger picture: Why context matters when analysing brand mentions

How can you gain more insight from brand mentions to help you make better strategic business decisions? And how do you know who and what to listen to? In this panel debate, hosted by The Social Intelligence Lab, our CEO, Jackie Cuyvers, and representatives from Navico and Wordnerds discuss the meaning of context when it comes to getting value from social listening.

Virtual teams and geographic diversity

As a global company with team members located around the world, we’re familiar with working across time zones. Even before the pandemic hit, remote working technology was a given part of our setup. But, although we’re all used to being creative with our schedules to find the right life-work balance while meeting business needs, there’s no denying we miss the annual team meet-ups and catching up face-to-face. In light of this, we enjoyed reading this research piece on the challenges and benefits of geographic diversity when it comes to teamwork.

The pandemic’s effect on brand love and loyalty

In times of uncertainty, consumers tend to stay within their comfort zone. Reflected in their shopping behaviour, the need for familiarity means they typically stick to the brands they know. But despite the turmoil caused by Covid-19, research has found that, in Europe and the US, many shoppers have abandoned their usual go-to for an alternative, citing value as the main reason for switching. As people keep adjusting their consumption habits, how can brands secure or regain loyalty as we leave the lockdown behind us?

Get to know the Convosphere team in our Employee Spotlight blog series

Meet our Japanese Insight Analyst, Yukari Takehisa, in the latest Employee Spotlight. Our most recent addition to Convosphere’s growing APAC team, Yukari talks about social media usage trends in Japan, what she enjoys the most about working at Convosphere and how she dreams of travelling the world once life is back to normal.

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