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Convosphere | Monthly Digest | March 2019

  1. From The Emoji Movie to the Emoji Bible, there’s no doubt about it: the digital icons previously associated with tween texts have gone truly mainstream. In Australia, the emoji spread has reached new heights with the launch of emoji customised car license plates in the state of Queensland. Promoted via a campaign on Instagram, the revenue generated from the scheme will go towards Queensland’s road safety initiative. In other words, the perfect excuse to add a touch of cool to our plate in the form of – yes, you guessed it: Mr Sunglasses! ?
  2. It’s been a week of heated debates in China. The subject? The popular TV show All is Well ( 都挺好) and its last episode, which was released on Monday. Tackling topical issues in Chinese society, such as family dynamics and career pressure, the 46 episode series has won a huge following since its launch earlier this month. On 19th March, the show ranked number one for online streaming with over 241 million views in one day. On Sina Weibo, content relating to the series has generated over 4.27 billion reads, 2.15 million discussions, trended 132 times on Weibo topics and reached 3.76 billion video clip views. This article explains how the show’s “realistic depiction” of everyday life relationships and conflicts moved a whole nation of viewers.
  3. With the Brexit deadline looming and the odds of a no deal outcome increasing by the day, Britons have begun hoarding household goods and supplies to prepare for potential shortages. The stockpiling spend peaked at £4.6 million mid-March with one in five Brits reportedly having spent over £1000 on their ‘Brexit Box’. From toilet rolls and medicine to beer and biscuits, consumers have turned to social media to share their essentials under the hashtag #stockpiling. Despite official bodies advising against it, it seems there’s no stopping people from stashing up on their must-haves amidst the political turmoil.
  4. Indian based hospitality company Oyo and Yahoo! Japan joined forces earlier this month to create a “revolutionary and hassle-free” new offering for young Tokyoites on the hunt for a new place to live. Oyo Life rents rooms from real estate owners and then subleases them to tenants who pay around 100,000 yen a month for furnished accommodation, without the need for a deposit. Following an initial trial period, the company plans to establish the new rental service in time for the Olympics, which will be hosted in Japan next year.
  5. Confirmed by the many reports of dying wildlife due to pollutions, toxic waste is a growing concern around the globe. In Vietnam, a new initiative is encouraging young people to clean up rubbish dumped in nature and document their effort with ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos published on social media. The movement, gathered under the hashtag #trashtag, is enjoying an enormous engagement from the public and local businesses have begun to offer rewards in the form of deals and freebies to participants. A great example of how social media can be used for social good!

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