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Newsletter: The Convosphere Friday Five 09.02.2018

  1. We’re thrilled to announce we’re now Convosphere!  As you will have seen in our announcement email sent to you earlier this week, the name change reflects the significant developments our company has been through in the last year. These include our new social insights offering, the opening of new offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona and Seattle, and the expansion of our capabilities to include visual social listening. Make sure to check out our new website, and follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram to keep up with the latest social listening news and company updates! ?
  2. As if launching a brand new website wasn’t enough, we’ve also managed to get TWO new posts up on the blog this week. With the first one covering the yellow fever epidemic in Brazil and the second the Six Nations Rugby tournament, these blog posts undeniably illustrate the diversity of our team’s data insights expertise.
  3. Constantly coming across headlines about blockchains and cryptocurrencies but still trying to get your head around what they actually are and the connection between the two? Then this summary, which explains the technologies in detail and why they matter to marketers, is for you!
  4. Retailers in the UK are caught between a rock and a hard place as a new study by Accenture finds that UK consumers wish for more personalised shopping experiences, yet express concern about personal data privacy. Click through to learn more about how brands can fix the digital trust deficit in order to realise the secure hyper-relevant AI fuelled shopping experiences that consumers crave.
  5. The true nature of the strands on President Trump’s head has long been the object of speculation  Now, thanks to footage revealed earlier this week, the authenticity of his distinctive locks was confirmed. The video, which went viral in no time, shows the President boarding Air Force One in unusually strong winds – causing his comb-over to stand up straight into the air and exposing a large bald patch, putting to bed any wig theories for good. Here’s a look at some of the most engaged with reactions to the hairy event!

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