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LinkedIn Live: Supercharge your Emerging Market Strategy with Social Listening

How can culturally sensitive, multilingual and localised social listening make your go-to-market strategy a success? Find out in our LinkedIn Live on Friday 27th January.

In this session, Jackie Cuyvers will talk to Hannah Humpherson and Abhinab Bhanja about their experiences of running social listening projects in India and African markets for clients in the FMCG, consumer electronics and pharma & healthcare industries.

Questions to be covered include:
• How can brands overcome cultural and linguistic barriers to generate actionable insights?
• Why can’t brands do without social insights for a successful emerging market strategy?
• How can analysts best work with social listening platforms to maximise their potential?
• What should brands be aware of when trying to connect with consumers in their target emerging market?
• How can social listening help brands decide which emerging market and regions to focus on?