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BHBIA Optimising Real-World Evidence with Big Social Data

8 of 10 patients and caregivers engage with peers on social media and at least 81% of physicians are using social networking for professional communication. These conversations represent a rich source of social RWE that pharmaceutical companies can harvest to improve patient care and guide business decisions.

The session will help the attendees learn about the power of unfiltered online conversations throughout the clinical pipeline to:

  • Better understand the patient journey
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Evaluate outcomes
  • Build enhanced value propositions
  • Accelerate drug development
  • Improve pharmacovigilance

The session will also show approaches and ways to use social media data to derive real-world evidence. It will highlight how social media listening can optimise Real World Evidence (RWE) for unique patient insights throughout the clinical pipeline. The presenters will share data and examples from Patient-centric studies around Multiple Sclerosis in the US, as a case study, with interesting and relevant data points for the audience to consider and relate to.

This webinar will be run for us by Convosphere. We are very grateful to the team for providing their time and expertise for the benefit of BHBIA members.