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LinkedIn Live – Anonymity, Avatars & Anime: Why Japan’s HCP Influencers Are Like No Others

With its highly developed healthcare system and trusted healthcare providers, Japan offers many opportunities for pharma and healthcare brands to reach new customers and create successful campaigns.

For many brands, partnering with HCP influencers and KOIs (Key Online Influencers) is a key step in managing engagement strategies to ensure they understand their audiences, create relevant content or educational material and effectively reach their target audience of HCPs, patients and/or caregivers.

Yet Japan’s HCP influencers’ preference to stay anonymous online poses challenges that brands are unlikely to face in any other market. How can these challenges be overcome?

Join this webinar as we explore the unique and fascinating HCP influencer landscape in Japan – and what it means to pharma and healthcare brands seeking to explore new opportunities and expand in this key market.