1st party data is so last decade, particularly for businesses who carry the loyal fanbases owned by the likes of sports teams and celebrity superstars. Over 80% of fans do not sit within the 1st party database of the team or celebrity database, however they do make their feelings and affinity known upon social media and in forums.
Convosphere’s global analyst team are able to hone into any region and unlock pools of fans that were previously unknown. Using our technology, we are able to profile these individuals, finding the best way to reach them, which maybe via established brands in the region which these individuals already have an affinity too.
This is an example of the services we are delivering to our clients in this sector, to unlock fan value and create new sponsorship opportunities.
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We believe that our perspective of technology bundled with services will allow us to exploit the opportunities in machine learning and natural language processing to deliver immediate and real value to customers globally.