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How Customer Decision-Making Processes Are Changing

As we have all adapted to a new way of living in the face of Covid-19, the everyday decision-making process of consumers when they invest in a product or service has gone through some significant changes in the last year. 

Whilst organisations are using customer journey analysis tools to understand the customer decision-making process, brands across industries now have to work harder to adapt and revaluate their analysis of customer behaviours because of the disruption to the regular buyer journey patterns.

How can brands stay one step ahead? 

Having an in-depth understanding of customer journey mapping will enable you to discover invaluable audience insights and better grasp the current shift in consumer behaviour. Being able to identify strengths and pressure points will allow you to grow your marketing strategies based on real data and analysis. 

Changes in Behaviour

  • Our team of insight analysts combine their knowledge of local cultures with social data to identify and understand changes in consumer behaviours and perceptions
  • Our insights analysts are able to accurately predict consumer decision-making
  • We can help you to understand consumer behaviours through every step of the buyer journey
  • We can analyse consumer awareness and consideration within the decision-making process

Shifts in Search Trends

  • Search trends can change on a daily basis
  • They can relate to local or global news and product releases
  • Social listening provides in-depth analytics of consumer behaviours behind and around search trends
  • Top search trends include hand sanitiser, sneeze guards and disposable gloves

Comparing Decision-Making Processes by Country

Top search trends in different countries in 2020:

  • UK: craft molds, hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, bicycle brake parts, neck gaiters, air conditioning and disposable gloves.
  • USA: sprinkler controls, sneeze guards, household disinfectants, neck gaiters and protective masks.
  • Germany: sprinkler controls, hula hoops, protective masks, motorboats, hand sanitisers and masks.
  • France: protective masks, hand sanitiser and wipes, model making, disposable gloves, vehicle waxes, polishes and protectants.
  • Japan: hand sanitisers and wipes, craft moulds, chef’s pants and hair care kits.

By analysing search trends, we can understand what people are thinking about, what their priorities are and what’s influencing their purchases. As you can see, there are both international trends and country to country variations.

Brands can develop a more insightful and tailored marketing approach by delving into the minds of consumers. For example, it is clear that Covid-19 has influenced people and their purchasing decisions through the prevalence of search terms like ‘hand sanitiser’ and ‘disposable gloves’. However, searches also suggest lockdown has created more time for hobbies and leisure activities with ‘motorboats’ and ‘bicycle brake parts’ found amongst the top searches.

Gathering data is an important first step, but being able to interpret and correctly analyse can offer you new insights into consumers’ decision-making process. This includes identifying overarching international trends, as well as the different priorities that are unique to each country and culture.

We’re Here to Help

When you create a tailored and meaningful experience for your audience, you’ll be influencing consumers in the strategic decision-making process, pushing them to move to the next step of the journey and encouraging them to make a purchase. 

At Convosphere, our experienced analysts deliver expert insights into the consumer decision-making process making it much easier and more straight-forward for brands looking to understand the customer purchase journey.

Our in-depth reports uncover everything you need to know about your customer decision-making process so that you can create a tailored solution and customer journey experience. Once you have a clearer understanding, you’ll be able to reach and connect with your customers better than before to create a lasting impression.

For more information on the consumer decision-making process, and to identify how you can take advantage of changing trends, contact us today.