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The Social Intelligence Lab’s Trends Summit 2024

Jackie Cuyvers, CEO of Convosphere, is set to share her expertise at the upcoming Trends Summit 2024, a virtual event dedicated to the forefront of future thinking research and the exploration of trends through the lens of social and internet data. This summit is designed as a comprehensive guide for attendees to understand and utilize the vast landscape of online content to their advantage. Participants will gain valuable insights from real-world examples, case studies from leading brands, expert opinions from global trend specialists, and advice on leveraging technology to identify social media trends. Unlike any other event, the Trends Summit goes a step further by demystifying what constitutes a real trend, revealing methodologies used by top agencies to convert social content into actionable insights, and even offering guidance on becoming a futurist to capitalize on trends with long-term impact. This engagement represents an excellent opportunity for professionals to learn how to distinguish and use genuine trends over fleeting viral sensations.