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MRS’s Data-Driven Insights Virtual Conference 2024

At the upcoming MRS virtual event, focused on the integration of AI, big data, and analytics into market research, Convosphere’s Oliver Lewis and Odoga Treviño, from the Spanish insurance giant MAPFRE, will take the stage to showcase a groundbreaking case study. Their collaborative effort embarked on a comprehensive journey to understand the insurance-related behaviors and attitudes of Spanish families. By employing a rich blend of methodologies, including social listening, audience analysis, focus groups, netnography, and online forums, they achieved a holistic view of the customer experience.

This presentation will detail how their innovative approach, merging both qualitative and quantitative data, provided deep insights into families’ sentiments towards insurance companies and evaluated the quality of digital interactions and product engagements.

Join us at the MRS event for a day filled with enlightening case studies and discussions. Dive into how insight teams are revolutionising market research by blending diverse datasets, leveraging predictive analytics, and experimenting with large language models (LLMs) and other advanced AI techniques to elevate and accelerate the gathering of actionable insights.