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The Social Insights Academy | Training Webinar – Session 3 | Decoding the Patient’s Emotional Journey Through Social Listening

In recent years, the digital shift has transformed patient dynamics in the pharmaceutical sector. Gone are the days when focus groups and consumer surveys ruled research. Today, as patients, caregivers, and HCPs flock to social media and forums, pharma marketers are harnessing these platforms to gain profound patient insights. Indeed, the rise of social listening has begun to eclipse traditional market research methods, enabling researchers to grasp the emotional intricacies of disease and treatment through the lens of those experiencing it.

Join our upcoming training webinar and discover the power of patient-centric, multilingual social listening. Learn how to decode the patient’s emotional journey across markets and therapeutic areas and how to use these insights to enhance customer engagement strategies.

Why attend?
• Depth over Breadth: Discover how to extract insights that truly matter, going beyond the capacity of basic social listening tools which, although useful for providing a high-level overview of conversation tone, are unable to grasp the nuance of human conversation
• Beyond the Surface: Explore how patient emotional journey analysis delves deeper than traditional journey analysis, revealing the underlying ‘whys’ behind stakeholder conversations, to help you to prioritise and strategise your communication strategies.
• Empathy in Action: Understand how to unlock a deeper comprehension of the issues behind patients’ emotions, motivations and behaviour to help you answer key business questions.

Take your social listening skills to the next level. Sign up to this session today.

When: 28th of September – 1.30 BST / 8.30 EST

Register here: LINK

About the Social Insights Academy

Our new interactive webinar series is designed to help in-house research and analysis teams stay ahead of the curve in marketing and social insights. Each training session offers expert advice, practical tricks, and hands-on guidance focused on a business domain with actionable insight into how to better social listening tools and digital research technologies.