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Therapeutic Area Overview – Lupus

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Tools: Synthesio
Market: USA, UK, French, German, Japanese
Methodology: Social listening of the therapeutic area


A client in the pharmaceutical industry lacked an understanding of the key topics and the language used in lupus careaonversations. The goal was to obtain an overview of the therapeutic as well as identifying stakeholder challenges and unmet needs for each disease stage.

Our approach:

Social listening study around Lupus Therapeutic Area:

  • We conducted social listening in four languages and five countries to identify the key topics by disease stage in each market and identify stakeholders SOV across different countries. By analyzing these conversations, we were able to understand patient support systems and caregiver themes.
  • Scanning across news, forums, Twitter and other social media provided us with a quantitative measure of the themes. We also looked for an indication of relative numbers by topic and segments, which we used to search insights to complement our findings.
  • A qualitative deep-dive allowed us to understand the stakeholders’ conversations and establish the context of the posts, segment sentiments and unmet needs, as well as identifying top influencers by market.
  • The findings and analysis were presented in one report along with an easily digestible infographic with key findings.

Key findings & business impact

  • In general, there was a lack of awareness regarding this disease. Although special lupus awareness days had an impact on online conversations, the general public as well as lupus patients, didn’t have a clear understanding of the disease, its symptoms, treatments and the effects on sufferers.
  • The restricted awareness of Lupus means it’s often referred to as the “unknown disease” and there is a clear need for more funds and research. A lack of accurate and timely diagnostics tests has led to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis for many patients.
  • The financial strain of having to pay for treatment following diagnosis was one of the key difficulties identified among patients’ conversation.
  • We provided the client with a rich understanding of the how, where and what of the topics prevalent in the stakeholders’ conversation around lupus to help the client develop relevant and timely content which engages patients, caregivers and HCPs. This also provided a first step to develop a closer relationship with KOIs.

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