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Therapeutic Area Overview – LSCD

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Tools: Synthesio and Talkwalker
Market: USA
Methodology: Social listening of the therapeutic area


Our client wanted to know how customers interact with social media and how they could optimise content for the most effective engagement and influence.

Our Solution:

Social listening study around LSCD Therapeutic Area:

  • To understand key conversation topics by stakeholders and analyse shifts in conversation volume over time and to understand the month-on-month comparison of the topics to determine any shift in perception levels.

Relevant Properties Benchmark of User Engagement on Content:

  • Using social listening tools, we also looked at the top 2 online profiles per market (as identified by the Therapy Area Overview and desk research on Twitter or Facebook).
  • Provided insights into what type of content is shared, when it is shared (day of week, time of day), frequency and audience engagement (likes, comments, re-shares and engagement).
  • We provided insights and recommendations based on the consolidated analysis of what we heard through the conversation analysis and what we saw relevant targets were doing through the analysis of their behaviour online.

Key findings & business impact

  • Overall, social media conversation around LSCD was rare. No patients or caregivers were identified talking about this topic online.
  • Although the level of LSCD conversation on social media was low, LSCD awareness and scientific/research informative content performed well.
  • There was an opportunity to engage stakeholders with treatment innovation, as HCPs and Experts represented 12% and 88% respectively of the stakeholder conversations.
  • The top two pages were Organizations for awareness generation. We analyzed the profile activity of the page, identified examples of top performing content, weakest posts, days of the week driving maximum engagement etc.
  • We provided the client a rich understanding of the conversations around LSCD. Detailed analysis of the top profiles helped the client to develop ideas to curate similar content to that which had resonated well with stakeholders and garnered good engagement.

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