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Product Launch Tracking by Audience Segments

Industry: Entertainment
Market: USA
Methodology: Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis and Segmentation


A film production company was planning for a DVD/Blu-Ray release of a popular movie title and wanted to understand the current level of demand and opportunity areas in terms of content and platform by key audience segments. The insights gleaned would inform the decision-making of the production and marketing teams prior to the new product launch.

Our approach:

We conducted social listening by looking at organic conversations about the movie title leading up to the release in comparison with one major competitor release, as well as deeper levels of analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

We applied sentiment analysis, combined with platform breakouts, to understand audience behaviours in the ecosystem.

Conversation Themes

Quantitative and qualitative topic analysis was conducted to identify key conversation themes about the title and its competitor, focusing on in-home viewing behaviours.

Using Brandwatch, we identified the topics that were of most interest and their relevance by each segment: entertainment, health and well-being, major life events and financial decisions.

Purchase Intent

We categorised and measured purchase intent conversations to evaluate consumer demand for the upcoming release.

Audience demographics were analysed by sentiment, social platforms and key topics of discussion to pinpoint connection points and opportunities among key audience segments.

Key findings & business impact

  • The insights offered an opportunity to provide bundling to increase merchandising and create interest among current owners by offering unique ‘collectible’ aspects to merchandising.
  • The insight indicated the resonating film moments for unique audiences.
  • The client was able to significantly increase sales by attracting first time purchasers with targeted messaging of nostalgia and increasing merchandise sales with bundles and collectibles.