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Convosphere’s Jackie Cuyvers will talk about combining search Analysis and social listening to provide a 360-degree view of information needs in this webinar, part of the BHBIA’s educational programme designed to deliver thought leadership and professional development.

When it comes to online content, there is a general rule of thumb: 90% of users are consuming content online, 9% of users are sharing content and only 1% of stakeholders are generating content. In this session, participants will discover how to put traditional social listening analysis in the context of search analysis data to unlock both the expressed and underlying information needs of Patients to create better educational programmes or more focused omnichannel content.

When trying to understand the information needs of patients, the answer isn’t always clearly presented in online content. While social listening provides us with the expressed information needs of patients and caregivers, not all are actively articulating or expressing their questions and need for information.

During a typical social media listening project, we are only able to identify a representative sample of the specified stakeholder information needs. The use of search analysis provides an additional layer of information to understand the underlying needs.

Putting traditional social listening analysis in the context of search analysis data provides a holistic view of the types of questions stakeholders have, either shared publicly on sites such as patient forums or social media or searched for different on Google. This enables both the expressed and the underlying information needs to be seen as well as the areas where we can add in more insight and create rich user-profiles and personas.