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Therapeutic Area Overview – IPF

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Tools: Synthesio and Crimson Hexagon
Market: USA
Methodology: Social listening of TA – IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis)


Our client wanted to know how do customers interact with social media and how they could optimise content to most effectively engage and influence them.

Our Solution:

Social listening study around IPF Therapeutic Area

  • Disease specific queries were created, and data was collected from social media aggregator tools.
  • A proprietary tagging and coding technique was used to identify top stories, key stakeholder groups and key drivers of conversations.
  • Areas of interest and behavioural aspects were analysed to understand stakeholder level nuisances.
  • An influencer identification exercise was carried out to understand key influencers, their area of interest and influence in the TA.

Key findings & business impact

  • The most prolific themes were around raising awareness and financial support for treatment.
  • Unlike other diseases, patients and caregivers make up the minority of online content, at 3% of the total volume, and HCPs 10%.
  • A lack of clarity on the treatment options for IPF, and the lack of palliative care were identified as the key business opportunity areas.
  • The client was able to direct their marketing efforts towards sharing IPF awareness content online, primarily on Facebook and Twitter, resulting in increased user engagement and category leadership.

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