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Issue Identification & Tracking for a Soft Drinks Manufacturer

Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Market: USA
Methodology: Social Listening, Content Analysis


Our client wanted to identify the key health issues and concerns emerging around the soft drinks market and measure how closely the client’s brand was associated with these.

Our approach:

We captured all social conversation around all brands and the category and applied advanced NLP analysis to identify the main themes emanating from the data.

Key findings & business impact

  • We identified emerging issues related to product content within all category-related discussions. Aspartame emerged as the issue garnering most volume and negativity.
  • Correlating the issue against brand mentions revealed that our client was more closely associated with the issue than its key competitor.
  • The brand took ameliorative action to remove the ingredient from their product and used the analysis technique to monitor any similar consumer backlash across other markets.