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Key Online Influencers (KOIs): Learn How to Identify KOIs and Optimise Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Download our new whitepaper to learn how oncology pharma companies can leverage social insights to learn from KOIs, drive engagement and optimise influencer outreach strategies.

Discover how social data insights can empower your influencer marketing program

Social media is an invaluable tool for pharma companies to build relationships with their target audience. Through influencer marketing, they can partner with KOIs to create engaging and meaningful content that educates patients on diseases and treatments, while also raising awareness of their brand.

For oncology-focused pharmaceutical firms, this strategy is particularly relevant as social media has become a hub for caregivers and people dealing with cancer, thus creating opportunities for companies that seek to foster positive connections with target audiences.

Considering the key factors for efficient and compliant social media marketing, this whitepaper explains why pharma and healthcare organisations must establish synergetic relationships with their KOIs, including but not limited to HCPs, Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs), celebrities, patients and caregivers.

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Five steps to optimise pharma-KOI collaboration

Our proven 5-step strategy will not only help your organisation identify the right KOIs for your marketing needs, but also leverage your collaboration with KOIs for maximum return on investment.

Business questions answered in the whitepaper:

  • What is the difference between KOIs and KOLs?
  • How can pharma benefit from engaging with KOIs?
  • How can you develop a successful strategy for KOI engagement?
  • How can you cultivate a long-term pharma-KOI partnership?
  • How can you measure the success of pharma-KOI partnerships?
  • What are the challenges of partnering with KOIs?

KOIs Partnerships: How Pharma Can Harness the Opportunity of Influencer Marketing

Enhance your Influencer Marketing and KOI Partnerships with Social Data Insights.