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Customer Journey Mapping – our client success stories


Are you releasing a new product or service, or do you have a sticking point in the journey of your existing product or service? Using social listening tools, you can uncover actionable insights to help you make strategic data-driven decisions in the process of understanding the ways in which customers make decisions and the journeys they take.

Every business benefits from a healthy sales pipeline and an understanding of the customer journey strategy, regardless of the industry or region your business is in. If you aren’t fully aware or have an understanding of your customer journey, you most likely won’t be approaching your key prospects in the right way or at the right time.



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    Strategic customer journey analysis

    Our customer journey mapping service enables you to focus on predicting and influencing the behaviour of your customers. With every ad campaign, email campaign and landing page you publish, you should be persuading your audience to take a step along the journey.

    Customer journey analysis enables you to understand how your customers are likely to purchase your product and the touchpoints they may have along the way. This can allow you to predict what potential frustrations may lead some audiences away from your product and help you to optimise and streamline the overall conversion process.

    Our customer journey mapping tool maps out the buyer journey to reveal essential consumer insights on behaviour patterns throughout the buying cycle from the very first interaction, including emotions, experiences and deciding factors which influence a purchase.





    Using social insights to produce a customer journey map enables you to:

    Generate a granular understanding of how people proceed through a non-linear buying journey

    Isolate the pain-points along the way

    Identify where your brand is over or under-performing at each stage and why

    Measure your competitors’ performance and identify the mechanisms or attributes that give them advantage