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Enhance your Competitive Intelligence with Social Data Insights

Is your Competitive Intelligence (CI) programme really making the most of social data?

Download a free copy of our CI Insights report to learn how Convosphere can help.

Discover how social data insights can impact your Competitive Intelligence and increase commercial success

From broader ongoing pulse tracking outputs to forensic analysis of individual campaigns – we have extensive experience in leveraging social data. Download our new report to learn how we can support your CI endeavours. 

Standard applications of social data focus on delivering outputs, such as product issue recognition, content performance, audience identification, brand perception and channel usage. These are of great value and should be considered mandatory for any brand.

But while most organisations are using some form of social monitoring to track competitor activity, far from all are truly optimising its full potential.

At Convosphere, we do not expect our clients to have to pick through the billions of data points that a competitive social listening setup will yield. Instead, when it comes to providing competitive intelligence, we go deeper, get our hands dirtier and produce detailed forensic outputs that offer tangible value.

Enhancing competitive intelligence through social data insights

We leverage the best technologies to deliver rapid and structured insights informing you about developments that really matter.

  • Identify the micro themes and assets used to support your communication strategy
  • Measure how your competitors’ content is written for maximum impact
  • Evaluate competitors’ campaigns based on who they have engaged and how – going beyond the mere numbers
  • Demonstrate how tactics and campaigns ladder up to overall brand or product strategy

Enhance your Competitive Intelligence with Social Data Insights

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