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Harnessing Key
Online Influencers:

Upgrade Your
KOl Strategy

Download our whitepaper to learn how healthcare brands can leverage social media insights to learn from KOIs, drive engagement and optimise influencer outreach strategies.
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Employ a successful KOl strategy with Social Insights

Discover the impact of social data on your influencer marketing for increased commercial success. Download our latest whitepaper to explore effective strategies using social listening for a robust KOI approach.

Influencer marketing is vital for pharma and healthcare. Establishing strong, compliant relationships with Key Online Influencers—HCPs, Patient Advocacy Groups, celebrities, patients, and caregivers—is essential.

– What insights can pharma gain from KOIs?
– Best practices for engaging with KOIs?
– How to measure successful KOI partnerships?

Unlock these insights in our exclusive KOI whitepaper.

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Our proven 5-step strategy will not only help your organisation identify the right KOls for your marketing needs, but also leverage your collaboration with KOls for maximum return on investment.






Business questions answered in the whitepaper:

The whitepaper delves into the unique characteristics and influence of KOIs compared to KOLs, highlighting how their digital-first approach reshapes engagement strategies within the pharma industry.

Our whitepaper outlines the numerous benefits, including enhanced brand visibility and credibility, that pharmaceutical companies can achieve by strategically engaging with KOIs in their marketing and communication plans.

The whitepaper provides a structured framework for identifying, approaching, and collaborating with KOIs, offering practical tips to ensure a successful engagement strategy that aligns with business objectives.

Explore various methodologies for nurturing long-term relationships with KOIs, ensuring mutual benefit and continuity in influencer partnerships, as discussed in our detailed analysis.

This section of the whitepaper introduces effective metrics and evaluation techniques to measure the ROI and overall success of KOI partnerships, enabling companies to assess and refine their influencer strategies.

Gain insights into the common obstacles encountered when partnering with KOIs and learn strategic solutions to overcome these challenges, ensuring smoother collaborations and enhanced outcomes.

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The Process: How It Works

Each phase of our approach is designed with precision and purpose to ensure that when you work with Convosphere,
you’re not just collecting data – you’re gaining a strategic ally dedicated to your brand’s growth and success.

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Tailored Research Strategy

We identify key influencers relevant to your therapeutic area. Our rigorous selection process ensures only the most impactful individuals are chosen, aligned precisely with your business objectives.