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The Social Insights Academy
Training Webinar | Session 3

Decoding the Patient’s Emotional Journey Through Social Listening

Presented by :

Jackie Cuyvers

CEO, Convosphere

Paul Brothers

COO, Convosphere

Unlock a deeper understanding of the emotions, motivations and behaviours driving patients, and gain insights to answer key business questions.


The digital shift has transformed patient dynamics in the pharmaceutical sector. Traditional focus groups and surveys are being replaced by social listening, as patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals (HCPs) increasingly turn to social media and forums. Pharma marketers are leveraging these platforms to gain profound patient insights, capturing the emotional intricacies of disease and treatment directly from those experiencing it.


Social listening offers unbiased, cost-effective insights that surpass the limitations of traditional research methods. Learn how to decode the patient’s emotional journey across markets and therapeutic areas, and use these insights to enhance your customer engagement strategies.

Key Learnings & Takeaways

Depth Over Breadth: Learn how to extract meaningful insights that go beyond the capabilities of basic social listening tools, capturing the nuances of human conversation.

Beyond the Surface: Explore patient emotional journey analysis, which delves deeper than traditional methods, revealing the underlying reasons behind stakeholder conversations to help prioritize and strategise effectively.

Empathy in Action: Understand how to unlock a deeper comprehension of patients’ emotions, motivations and behaviours to address key business questions and enhance customer engagement strategies.

Navigating Cultural Nuances: Discover methods for ensuring emotional journey analysis accurately reflects cultural contexts across multiple markets and languages, providing a more nuanced understanding of patient experiences.

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