Brand Strategy

Leverage social data to better understand how your brand is perceived and where it is placed in the market.
Need-State Mapping
  • Some marketers define their brands by product or audience segment and have often strayed away from need states because of how demanding they were to compile.
  • Using social data and a variety of other data sources available to Convosphere, we have successfully developed our own methodology to deliver accurate need-state maps at a fraction of the cost and effort than of traditional methods.
  • These need-state maps have enabled our clients to understand the needs of their customers, how they are perceived and uncover new opportunities for the business to explore.
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Brand Equity

How can you capitalise on opportunities for your brand and identify areas that need to be realigned?

  • Many clients work with Convosphere to understand how effective brand campaigns have been in recent years. By sharing the values and aspirational values that are most important to the brand, Convosphere are able to farm quantitative and qualitative insights that can be presented via methods such as spider diagrams.
  • Analysis like this has helped brands to identify areas of brand opportunity as well as areas that need to be realigned to the brands core values.
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Competitor Equity
  • Social listening provides a tremendous amount of insight into how your competitors are perceived, across all areas of their business, from products to service to CSR.
  • If your business is looking to enter a new market or simply overcome a competitor, our data and research can help you identify ways to achieve this.

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