Use social listening to understand your audience and stakeholders and set the benchmark for measuring future campaigns or share of voice.
Industry Benchmarking
  • Our competitor and industry benchmarks will give you a better understanding of the social media ecosystem surrounding your brand by assessing your performance against others in your industry. Not only is this social business intelligence vital to understand your place in the online landscape, but in letting Convosphere undertake in-depth analysis of where your company stands in relation to your peers, we can suggest numerous ways to improve positioning and maximise your brand share of voice (SOV).
    • Identify local/global level benchmarks against which to measure performance
    • Understand what the industry leaders are doing in specific markets
    • Help formulate future content and messaging based on previous performance in terms of drivers and barriers of engagement and reach
    • Brand SOV to gauge your company’s visibility in the industry
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Stakeholder Segmentation
  • Convosphere’s social listening techniques and methodologies enables our analysts to deep-dive into any identified stakeholder and audience segments and profile these on a granular scale, enabling your brand to target valuable groups directly and personally. With the largest global coverage of any market research agency in the field, we understand the micro-economies of any industry and region and can identify your stakeholder and audience opportunities whenever and wherever they arise. To learn more about our audience intelligence and segmentation methods and how they can help you manage your stakeholder relationships, get in touch today to receive further information from one of our analysts.
    • Audience analysis to define distinctive groups of segments based on demographics and interests
    • Global coverage comprising economies and industries on a micro-scale
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Competitor Analysis

Social listening and social intelligence provide key insights into how your competitors are perceived across all areas of their business, from product and brand awareness to customer relationship management (CRM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Our in-depth competitor reports uncover everything you need to know about your competitors’ activity. If your business is looking to enter a new market or simply overcome a rival, our data and research can ensure that you achieve your goal.

  • Competitive overview from a global or regional perspective to identify key topics and themes, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the existing products within a similar category to understand how products are received by target consumers
  • Understand the content driving engagement for competitors
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