Convosphere collectively have 80+ years of experience in providing first-class, implementable solutions for in-store and online environments.

Our services for this vertical include:

  • Shopper insights
  • Retail and channel insights
  • Market insight
  • Go to market
  • Buyer journey analysis
  • Brand engagement analysis
  • Visual recognition

Here are some of the ways we have helped businesses in this field:

Better engagement through persona development

A global alcohol distributor wanted to use insights generated from social conversations to create a detailed picture of different consumer personas. The in-depth analysis sharpened the brand’s focus on customer profiles and helped maximise future campaign effectiveness.

The study allowed the client to fine tune the content and execution of their campaign. Various delivery channels were used to achieve the most effective communications that resonated with the priority persona preferences, which ensured the strongest ROI.

Differentiating in a crowded market

This Whisky brand struggled to move on from its identity crisis and keep up with competitors, who had secured a niche market, established a strong brand persona or distinguished themselves through prestige and taste excellence.

The client was able to leverage the success of a recent campaign to capture the interest of current followers and appeal to new ones. Emphasising the elements of the brand story helped the brand establish a strong and defined identity. In setting itself apart from competitors, it inspired new customers to personalise their drinks by experimenting with new flavours.

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