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Trend Research

Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Tools: Netbase
Market: USA
Methodology: Social Listening, Content & Sentiment Analysis


A global FMCG company was planning a packaging change intended to have a positive impact on its environmental footprint. Yet there was a risk that it could draw criticism from consumers who may perceive a reduction in product value and an attempt to “greenwash”.

Our approach:

  • We listened to conversations around five key areas of environmental debate and stories in order to assess the key drivers, sentiments around the conversations and levels of consumer engagement in each one.
  • Within this data, we looked for references to brands to identify which companies to any brand-led initiatives to develop an understanding of how to communicate appropriately within this space.
  • The analysis was conducted across six markets to ascertain differences in receptiveness, complexity of discussion and awareness of environmental factors within the consumer population.

Key findings & business impact

  • The areas of transport and pollution were most relevant to our client as they were showing increased focus on demand for companies to initiate positive actions.
  • The complexity and tonality of messaging needed to be adapted to each market, with European consumers showing greater awareness of environmental issues and receptiveness to brand-led initiatives.
  • The brand’s packaging communications need to form part of wider policy for them to be taken “seriously” by consumers, without fear of backlash.
  • On the back of the research, the client developed messages for testing across each market ahead of the packaging change. Insights were also used to drive broad-level decisions around the topic of environmental initiatives.

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