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Crisis Management & Benchmarking

Industry: Entertainment
Tools: Talkwalker
Market: USA
Methodology: Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis and Segmentation


Our film client wanted us to assess the severity of a boycotting campaign to help them determine whether or not to initiate PR effort. They asked us to develop a methodology and system of benchmarking to help inform activity in future situations.

Our approach:

We forensically studied the volume and sources of conversation to understand who was leading the movement and to what extent it had spread to the wider consumer population.

Key findings & business impact

  • While calls for a boycott of the film grew, these came from a small amount of people. The boycott movement did not reach the mainstream market.
  • A new audience of right wing reactionaries entered the discussion as the topic of debate moved away from film credibility to perceived social justice messaging. The paradigm shifted.
  • Our previous work on the Clinton vs. Trump campaign further contextualised the issue and we advised the client to take a step back from initiating any PR response as it would likely further antagonise a volatile audience.

Our global insights team conducts social listening in over 70 languages to answer our clients’ most important business questions with actionable insights that deliver impact.

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